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What is Cellulite??

Cellulite is a common term used to describe superficial pockets of trapped fat, which cause uneven dimpling or "orange peel" skin. It appears in 90% post adolescent women and is rarely seen in men. Common but not exclusive areas where cellulite is found, are the buttocks, thighs, and the abdomen. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not related to obesity, since it occurs in overweight, average, and thin women.

How does cellulite develop?

"Edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy" is a medical term to describe cellulite. In the past decade, there has been research to clarify the possible causes, and many authorities make the following points:

  • Adipose cells (fat cells) swell due to fat storage.

  • Capillary walls become excessively permeable causing localizes accumulation of fluid (edema).

  • Inadequate lymphatic drainage slows the removal of excess waist material and fluid.

  • Adipose cells cluster and are bound by collagen fibers, which further impedes blood flow.

  • Connective tissue strands stiffen, pulling down on their anchors points.
  • The changes in blood flow, lymphatic drainage, fat, and connective tissue result in cellulite - a bumpy or dimpled appearance of the skin.


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